It is with much pleasure that I recommend Karen Muranko to you!  When my husband became ill and
then died, I needed extra help.  I worked many hours into the evening at work and just did not have the
time to do a range of tasks.  Karen was able to help me with such things as picking up medication,
taking care of my cat, watering plants, buying groceries and other items, cooking meals, making order
at home, finding resources, doing some clerical work such as making calls for me, copying documents,
etc.   Karen does her work with intelligence, competently, sensitively and thoughtfully.  She is totally
trustworthy and has the highest integrity.  She is able to understand and anticipate my needs, meet
them and look out for my interests.  I highly recommend Karen!

Dr. Gloria Avrech, Ph.D.
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Dr. Gloria Avrech

Karen is one of the most organized, dedicated, upbeat and kind people I know.  Her assistance with a
variety of jobs has been phenomenal.  A true light in my life - professionally and personally!
Lisa C. Krueger, Ph. D.

Karen is a wonderful pet sitter to our 12-year old cat, Buff. Each time we return home, Buff looks calm
and well cared for. He gets lonely during our trips, and I know he looks forward to Karen’s visit.. Karen
will also do a few errands for us while we’re gone, including getting our mail, dry cleaning, and
watering our plants. We feel that we can leave town knowing Buff and our home will be in good hands.

Anita R.

Karen is so genuine and so humble that I think I actually caught her off guard when I volunteered to
share my gratitude, satisfaction, and enthusiasm for her excellent services. She's been so helpful to me,
in so many ways, I was just eager to spread the good word about her expertise and professionalism.

In my case, as a full-time artist and writer in need of a web site (who is definitely technologically
challenged!), I know I'm especially fortunate to have found Karen. I can't imagine what a handful I've
been for her...and yet, always and with the sincerest respect, clarity, promptness, patience and
professionalism...(and even humor when I needed it) she created the perfect website for me. Even better
then the one I had envisioned, but knew I couldn't have begun to create for years.

In my opinion, based partly even on my earlier career as a Psychotherapist, Karen is motivated by the
"right" stuff. She wants to help and be of service. And although I was surprised by how nice my website
actually ended up being, I wasn't at all surprised that Karen would bring solid competence to the task. I
happily recommend the professional services of Karen Muranko to anyone.

Karen is competent, resourceful, dependable, discreet and has absolute integrity.  I can relax putting
every aspect of my life in her hands.

Maggie Bryant, MFT
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Maggie Bryant, LMFT

Every time Karen works in my office, she leaves the energy feeling great. This is really important to me
as an energy worker, but I think everyone can benefit from the good energy Karen spreads around her.

Joy Carroll, Healing Intuitive, Pasadena
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Joy Carroll
Thomas (T.A.) Newnam
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Thomas (T.A.) Newnam, Artist