Organizing Services
Organizing Services

Many of us have areas that are in need of freedom from acquired objects.  This can
happen from just being too busy to get to that area in need or it just becomes too much
to handle by yourself.  Perhaps you are downsizing from a home to an apartment and
need to sort through what to keep and what to donate.  Regardless, when we work
together, it lessens the stress of having to do it alone.  It is a team project.

  • If you work from home and need to have everything in its place, together we
    create a system that works for you.  Creating a filing system that is easy to access.  
    Keeping track of business contacts.  Creating an index so you know where
    something is filed and is easily accessible.

  • Creating eye-pleasing storage for items that you use regularly.  Whether it's for
    business or a hobby, visually pleasing storage usually helps with productivity.

When we work together on your freedom project, my goal is to make it as easy and
stress-free as possible.  Letting go of acquired objects may be challenging for some and
emotional for others.  I strive to respect each clients project and will work within their
comfort level.