Here, Kitty Kitty - Exclusive Feline Care
As a cat owner, I would never dream of boarding my cat Chloe and neither do my clients.  If
you want your feline companion to have superb care in your home, he or she will be in good
hands!  My friends call me
The Animal Whisperer of Alhambra.

There are so many dog-friendly pet sitting services, I thought kitties deserved the same.  

Kitty Sitting also includes:
-        Bringing in the mail and newspapers
-        Watering lawn and plants
-        If kitty is cooperative, I can manicure and groom
-        I'm trained in administering IV fluids and am comfortable giving oral medications
-        I respect the personality and individuality of each and every kitty at all times.

Feline Clients - Animals are clients, too

Dussey had some dental work done in February 2008.  She didn't react well to the
anesthesia, pain killers and antibiotics.  As a result, she developed a severe case of IBS.  
When conventional methods didn't resolve the problem, my practitioner developed "The
Dussey Diet."  I create home-made, healthy food for Dussey.  The home-made food combined
with tummy-friendly supplements had Dussey feeling fine in two weeks.   Dussey says,
"Shhh, don't tell the other cats.  They'll all want the Dussey Diet."
In memory of Dussey, 1994 - 2012
My long-time feline client and dear friend